Giant Trees Register

Category: About Giant Trees

The Giant Trees register now has over 100 trees listed! The register began just under 10 years ago and new nominations are always welcome. A giant tree must meet the criteria of being either 85 meters or taller, or at least 280 cubic meters in modeled or calculated volume. GPS coordinates are provided below for each giant tree discovered, so visitors are welcome to explore the forest and discover these trees for themselves.

Avoiding disturbance to nesting eagles

Endangered Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagles may nest in or near some of the trees in this register, and are very vulnerable to disturbance during the nesting season. Please contact the relevant district forest office first to check whether your visit risks disturbing a nesting pair:

- North East Region (north-east) - (03) 6350 6466

- Southern Region (midlands and south-east) - (03) 6235 8353

- North West Region (north-west and west coast) - (03) 6433 2666

Volume measurements in brackets are derived from either a tree volume model or an estimate. Those not in brackets have been calculated using more detailed measurements.

[STA] named trees require further assessment.